Art Lessons Offered by KJ Burk

KJ Burk offers both Private & Group Art Lessons in the following disciplines of art: 

  • Drawing & Illustration
  • Watercolour Painting 
  • Acrylic Painting 
  • Acrylic Flow/Fluid Painting 
  • Oil Painting 
  • Chalk/Soft Pastel Painting
  • Mixed Medium Art

All of the above mentioned areas of art are available for Beginner, Advanced and Professional Level artists. Please CONTACT KJ for details. 

Art Lessons by KJ Burk | Paint Brushes and Their Purposes

How to Market Yourself & Your Art... SUCCESSFULLY

More often than not, being a fantastic artist is not enough to sell your art. You need a plan of action that includes a marketing strategy. Learn how KJ and other popular artists Successfully SELL their creations to collectors around the world in today’s art market climate.