Spring is in the Air

KJ's Art Studio | Dawn - Spring is in the Air
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Despite the fact that my wall calendar insists that there is at least two more weeks ’til Spring officially arrives… Spring is clearly in the air here on my small farm. As I walked the wooded path through the forest on our property with Bella at my side the birds chirped happily announcing the arrival of sunlight to their neighbors. Bella could barely contain herself as a pair of squirrels played chase around one of the large oaks. All it took was a rabbit to dart out from some brush to distract Bella from the squirrels’ activity. Somehow I think Bell’s idea of chase was not welcomed by the rabbit…. after all how would you like something more than ten-times your size rudely interrupting your morning breakfast? Bella quickly realized that the pursuit of the rabbit was in vain. She proudly pranced back to my side as if she had protected me from some fierce forest creature.

Nearing the end of my morning walk the large oaks began to cast long shadows across the ground as the sun rose in the far distance. This image kicked the left side of my brain into action with amazement that something as far away as our sun causes differences in how we see things right down to the hues of color we perceive on tiny leaves on the ground as light begins to first touch it each morning. This is something we as artists fail to capture in our studios. Natural light is amazing and I use it as much as possible via the north facing window in my personal studio, but often additional (artificial) light is needed to properly see what I am doing. Although my studio lighting is top of the line full-spectrum lighting, it’s never the same as natural lighting and thus something gets lost during the creation process.

Today’s Challenge:
Today I am going to commit to creating a painting using only natural light. (I’ll post the results later.) Give it a try! Create a masterpiece using only natural light and compare your results with a similar piece of work that was created under artificial lighting. 

Live, Love, Create… REPEAT!